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Butoh performance created and performed by Simon Dow

Cascade Art Gallery
Saturday 5th August 6:30pm



Morpheus in Greco-Roman mythology sends human shapes of all kinds to the dreamer as well as the forms of animals and inanimate things. Morphology is defined as a branch of biology that studies the external and
internal structures of living things. It investigates the forms, shapes, and interactions of bacteria, animals, and plants.


This butoh performance will explore the accepted, perceived boundaries or forms of the human body and its potential to shift, morph and disappear into other realities. Butoh, originally named Ankuko Butoh (Dance of Darkness), emerged in Japan post-war as a new dance-theatre form created by collaborations between Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Butoh urges exploration of the unconscious mind, of suppressed urges, of constrained impulses and the relationship of beauty and the grotesque.


The psychological ‘shadow’ is explored through the body.


Simon Dow is a performance artist with five decades of professional experience internationally. His has performed throughout Europe, the U.S., Asia, Israel and Australia and has created and performed solo works in Berlin, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Stuttgart, and Melbourne.

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