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Thursday 3 August
7:15pm for 7:30pm screening

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, 1 Church Street, Maldon

Entry = $25 (also entitles attendees to full MGM membership for 2023)

Free for Maldon Golden Movies members
Beverages and Icecreams available at bar prices


Harold and Maude

(Directed by Hal Ashby, 1971)
This cult classic is a creepy comedy about the bittersweet relationship between a young man, obsessed with death, and an older woman seeking to make the most of her remaining time on earth. After staging fake suicides, driving a hearse and attending funerals of people he doesn't know, Harold meets free-spirited Maude, who teaches him her unorthodox methods of living life to the fullest.

A twisted, morbid and…life-affirming film!


The Devil Bat

(Directed by Jean Yarborough, 1940)

Are you looking for a movie with astonishing special effects and genuine horror? Then The Devil Bat is not for you! A small-town doctor, played by the legendary Bela Lugosi, is jealous that his employer’s family has become rich from his own medical inventions. He creates a potion, trains a fleet of bats and goes on a murderous spree while a canny journalist tries to piece together the terrifying story. This spine-tingling schlock, starring Hollywood’s sinister prince, is so frighteningly B-grade that you won’t want to miss it!

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