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Magic Workshop for Adults

3:45pm-4:30pm Sunday 6th August

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre


Must be aged 12 and older to ride this ride.


Australia's leading female magician and mentalist, Cath Jamison is on mission to teach students of all ages the ancient art of magic. Participants of this workshop will be transported into an exciting place of learning, where aspiring apprentice magicians can learn and excel creatively in a safe and fun environment.


After watching Cath perform a selection of tricks, budding tricksters will take the magician’s oath of secrecy and learn how to perform their own magic show. Students learn not only illusions and magic tricks, but also social skills such as teamwork, confidence, memory, dexterity, and determination. Cath’s classes create a special and memorable experience for all those who participate.

For ages 12 +

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