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Saturday 5th August 2:30pm

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre


Grave Affairs is a few short talks and panel discussion about a dying industry by people who know: those working in the industry of dying and death.


Come and be inspired and ask the types of questions we're often too scared to ask: if I know I am dying, what will happen in my last few days? Is it normal to talk about it? What is meant by 'end of life wishes'? What is a 'digital legacy' and how do I create one? How do I choose a plot in a cemetery? And when's the last second I can sign off on my will? How much does it cost to die, who do I pay and when?


Featured speakers include

Bec Gallagher & Caitlin Epps commenced The Loss Mothers podcast and photographic essay in 2020. Bec & Caitlin are sisters, who grew up, live and work in Central Victoria. Following two very different careers paths in Photography and Healthcare, they discovered common ground with clients dealing with death, grief and loss and were inspired to create a platform for mothers to share their stories of child loss from pregnancy to adulthood. ​


Hayley West, an artist who hosts her own radio show called 'Dead Air', and whose socially engaged art practice relates to a lived awareness of death and memorial.

Amanda Collins is an author and public speaker on living creatively and dying well in the modern world.

Jenny Valentish is a journalist and the author of books including Everything Harder Than Everyone Else: Why Some of Us Push Our Bodies to Extremes, and Woman of Substances. Her first podcast is The Love Experiments: We'll Do Anything for Love.


Don't miss this exciting and inspiring event as part of the 2023 Goldfields Gothic Festival of Dark Ideas.

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