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Occult Life Drawing

Do you feel your sketches lack spirits?


Have you wondered how to make your art appear more ‘otherworldly’?


Have you contemplated selling your soul to the devil to become a better artist?


DRAWING BLOOD - THE OCCULT LIFE DRAWING EXPERIENCE is here to fulfil all your artistic and mystical needs in the one sacred spot!


Amongst the haunted grounds of Goldfields Gothic, our occult models will pose in various mystical formations while our witch doctor conjures atmospheric tunes to inspire, as you draw what visions appear before you. Bring your own satchel of magic tools - paper, pads, charcoal, pencils, pens etc.

Must be over 660 to fully appreciate but we'll let you in if you're over 18.

Held in a PRIVATE ROOM at the Kangaroo Hotel.

The two ceremonial dates are:

Friday 4/8/23 9pm – 10pm

Sat 5/8/23 3pm – 4pm

Offerings to the art gods: $25 

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