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Dolls and Death

12-1pm Sunday 6th August, Kangaroo Hotel

A discussion on the link between dolls, grief, loss and the afterlife. A look at how dolls have been involved in spirituality, magic and the paranormal.

Dolls have long been used as a means of dealing with grief and loss. In Victorian times, mourning dolls were common place as a means to honour and remember children who had passed due to a high mortality rate.

Now dolls are still used as a means of healing therapy, as well as aiding in the grieving process in the loss of a child. There is a spiritual link between a doll and the spirit world and this is an issue we will be exploring in this interactive workshop. 

Dolls and Death
06 Aug, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
The Kangaroo Hotel,
89 High St, Maldon VIC 3463, Australia
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