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DEDTalks are ideas about death and the dark side of life to lift your spirits. A free event that promotes ideas and community connection. Hear artists, academics, students, teachers, experts, entrepreneurs, community leaders and

local residents share their ideas on a number of grave topics.   

DEDTalks: Session 1


12:00pm - Kieran Butler: Murder & The Media: Being in the middle of murder fuelled media frenzy.

12:15pm - Stewart Carter: Pat - a positive story about death and dying.

12:30pm - Arabella Watson: A feast for your fluffy friends. Cats that have devoured their deceased owners.

12:45pm - Nathaniel Buchanan: Dark Tourism - the Tourism of Death.

1:00pm - Cath South: My dad’s death and why I didn’t leave it to the professionals.

1:15pm - Sheri Morte: Art, death and grief: insights of a gothic artist, former death care worker and grieving human.

1:30pm - Hini Hanara: Natural Burial sites and Indigenous custodianship.

1:45pm - Jessica Cola: 'Be Good And Safe...' - the experience of loving someone through their Voluntary Assisted Dying journey.

DEDTalks: Session 2

2:30pm - Steph Rizzo: Learning from Leonardo da Vinci: What does death teach us about life?

2:45pm - Theo Bird: Requiems. How they affect grieving, and their transformations.

3:00pm - Lorraine Woods: Nortj on Bibullmun boorja (death on Aboriginal land) I chose this topic as Aboriginal people do not.

3:15pm - Bethany Knight: Rhiannon - living with a miscarriage.

3:30pm - Natasha Joyce: Hazard Zone - there are no memorials for the children killed for gold.

3:45pm - Stef Cola: Digital Legacy: Online Life after Death.

4:00pm - Ruth Bray: "Recycle" - the sad and funny tale of my brother's death and organ donation.

4:15pm - Annaliese Szocs: Fighting terminal stage 4b bowel cancer since April 2020. Dark laughs keep me sane.

DEDTalks adhere to the following terms and conditions:


  1. There is no payment for speakers and the event is free for audiences (though bookings are required)

  2. DEDTalks must be between 4-8 minutes (at ten minutes, speakers will be asked to finish)

  3. After DEDTalks, there is 5 minutes or so for questions and conversation before the next speaker commences

  4. DEDTalks relate to death, the dark side of our region's history or the dark side of life in general

  5. Speakers have been specifically selected based on their passion, expertise and experience around their chosen topics 

  6. The final list of speakers, the topics, venue, order of talks and other event logistics are at the discretion of the festival organisers and no correspondence about this will be entered into

  7. DEDTalks are not associated in any way with TED talks or the TEDx talk series and is its own unique brand

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