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2-3pm Sunday 6th August

Kangaroo Hotel



As a society, we are often discouraged from acknowledging 'dark' feelings, ageing, and other natural cycles of descent in life.


Led by textiles artist Ceilidh Meo, this workshop helps people to reconnect with the cycles of nature all around us; the seasons of the year, the times of day, the phases of the moon, the menstrual cycle, and the human life cycle.


By developing a map of the territory these cycles inhabit, we can shine a light in the dark and explore our relationship with the natural ending of things.


To change our future, we must remember our past.


This workshop is open to all and will discuss the menstrual cycle using anatomically correct terminology in an inclusive safe space.

Dark Side of the Moon
06 Aug, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Kangaroo Hotel,
89 High St, Maldon VIC 3463, Australia
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