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Dane Blacklock and the Preacher's Daughter

Supported by USER

7:30pm-9:30pm Sunday 6th August

Maldon Progress Hall


Pay your respects to the soon to be dearly departed Goldfields Gothic Festival 2023. We’re hosting an outlandishly unofficial closing night party – come along for one final fling where we say farewell to friends, fiends and foes.


Featuring Australia’s premiere satanic gospel experience, Dane Blacklock and the Preacher’s Daughter are a decidedly wicked aural and visual extravaganza. 

Banishing souls unto the pit of eternal damnation, Dane Blacklock and the Preacher’s Daughter are a bacchanalian feast for the senses as the big band, resplendent with horns (both worn and blown) sound the clarion call to surrender to the desires of the flesh.

Think doom folk, a putrid blues version of gospel, like Tom Waits shaking his bones to James Brown at a full cabaret show and you are only getting close. The message is simple; follow your own bliss, cast off shame and guilt, enjoy life for all of its bounty, accept the chaos of existence and embrace desire.

Dane Blacklock and the Preacher's Daughter are pro feminism, pro sex and sexuality of any kind, pro gender diversity, pro diversity and diversity of thought, freedom of expression and lifestyle and the consumption and doing of anything at all so long as it does not harm your fellow person.

Please note this show is STRICTLY 18 + it contains nudity and is not suitable for those who may be easily offended


Dane Blacklock and The Preacher’s Daughter are supported by USER


Hailing from Melbourne, USER are known for their dramatic live performances, interwoven with mind bending projected visuals which transports audiences to dark, otherworldly places. Originally the brainchild of Andrew Nunns (The Black Heart Death Cult/Autohaze/Underground Lovers/GB3-Kilbey/Lime Spiders) and Frank Galgano (The Lamp/HAL/Euphoric Amoeba), USER have since morphed into a four piece with captivating vocalist/bassist Lisa Gibbs (The Moth Body/The Same Same) and atmospheric guitarist Daryl Bradie (Gersey/Walkerville) joining the fold. USER are currently writing and recording their 3rd album as a follow up to 2020’s REHASHREMAKEREMODEL.  2023 will see their version of The Church’s ‘Ripple’, already a live favourite, added to a compilation curated by the English label, Shore Dive Records.

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